5 simple ways to reduce your impact on the environment

The small changes I’ve made to do my part.

Photo by Alexandr Podvalny on Unsplash

Don’t get the receipt at the gas station

I stopped getting my receipt at the gas station once I realized I can track everything in one place with a Google Sheet or an app. I don’t know even know why I was getting one in the first place to be honest. I don’t have a job where I can expense my gas and I don’t store the receipts in a special place in my house. I generally leave them in my wallet until it’s too full and throw them all away anyway. It was something I was just collecting without putting any thought into it.

Buy items like flour or rice in reusable packaging in the bulk section

If you grocery store allows you to have your own reusable bags for bulk items like rice, quinoa, and flour, that’s a great way to reduce. You won’t have any paper or plastic packaging to get rid of and when you get home, you can always put it in cute containers. This is something I’ve just started getting into so I don’t have adorable containers for everything but I’m getting there.

Take a shorter shower

One of the easiest ways to reduce your impact is to take a shorter shower. This one is an obvious decision and one that’s probably on most people’s lists of ways to reduce their carbon footprint but I still wanted to mention it.

Have a meatless Monday

I recently did a month of eating no meat besides fish for a work competition. Having a diet that consisted only of meat was a pretty hard transition to not have bacon or steaks anymore. But I made it the whole month and even learned a lot more about myself including the vegetables that I like.

Get reusable bags for produce

This last one is like the bulk item purchasing but I wanted it to be its own point because of the type of bag that’s used for produce. It’s a flimsy plastic bag that easily tears so sometimes you have to use more than one bag to really hold the produce.

Austin,Texas sober girl. Lover of horror movies, cats, and fitness. Occasional bad poet.

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