It took recording my fitness to start seeing progress

You should do it too.

Photo by Andy Lee on Unsplash

I could see in real time that my squat form was bad. Like real bad.

I’m going to be up front about my weight lifting experience. When I started, my squat game was not great. Even my boyfriend was surprised because he thought I would have been able to lift a lot on my first attempt. I had some beefy legs from years of playing tennis and Dance Dance Revolution so I was also pretty surprised. Three years later and I could not get above 100 pounds.

It forces you to want to get better

I also made it a personal goal to be able to do one unassisted pull up and dip. I’ve been doing workouts to progress to one and I’ve been recording it as well. Dips started with two resistance bands and I’ve already moved to just one.

It’s not required but it helps you progress faster

It’s not a requirement that you record your workouts. I would have kept progressing, albeit slowly, even without recording myself. But you’ll get faster gains if you do. It also doesn’t hurt seeing the videos of your progression. They will give you an ego boost in the moments when you feel like you haven’t done enough.

Austin,Texas sober girl. Lover of horror movies, cats, and fitness. Occasional bad poet.

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